ABOUT US — Guiding Principles

Our Principles Direct Our Actions

At EJP Consulting Group, we know managing change isn't easy. Whether your project involves improving neighborhoods, connecting residents to jobs, or creating new policies to promote healthy mixed-income communities, there is no single blueprint to follow to get the job done. Each community has unique physical assets, socio-economic characteristics, and political dynamics that must inform both the plan and the process to create positive change and long-term stability.

A Strong Foundation

While every situation is unique, these guiding principles direct our work for every project:

  • Connect the dots. Community-level change requires an integrated approach that examines and improves the systems and services that impact a community and its surrounding environment. EJP focuses on redeveloping and transforming an entire neighborhood rather than just a housing site.
  • Learn from history. Planning and implementation should be informed by best practices, recent research, and first-hand knowledge. Lessons learned on both the national and local level guide every step taken.
  • Encourage everyone to come to the table. A participatory process is essential for community buy-in and sustaining long-term change. Communication, coalition building, and cooperative partnerships among residents, public officials, supportive service providers, business owners, community leaders and members of the financial and foundation communities are vital to supporting the health and well-being of a neighborhood and its residents.
  • Keep learning. Teach others. When policy makers, practitioners, and stakeholders share knowledge and experience, it reduces costs, saves money, and promotes cooperation and mutual respect. We design programs that allow communities and clients to measure and monitor progress and make change as needed to improve results in the short- and long-term. When a project has concluded, we expect to have increased your capacity to continue to promote positive change and growth.
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