Building Positive Change

At EJP Consulting Group, LLC, we take an integrated approach to community-level change. Across the nation, clients turn to us for answers to questions like these:

  • How should we reposition our aging housing stock to meet future housing needs and be financially sustainable?
  • How do we engage in mixed-finance development and what assistance do we need? Can we self-develop or do we need a development partner?
  • How do we assemble necessary project financing and prepare competitive funding applications such as Choice Neighborhoods and state Low Income Housing Tax Credits?
  • How do we leverage development opportunities to promote comprehensive neighborhood-wide investment?
  • How do we build strategic partnerships and community consensus for development opportunities?
  • How do we develop sustainable and impactful education and social programs to help impacted families increase their economic self-sufficiency so they can thrive?
  • How do we move from a plan on paper to measurable outcomes?

Building Stronger, Safer Communities

Our founding partners — Gayle Epp, Scott Jepsen, and Rhae Parkes — bring more than 50 years of combined practical experience and an extensive knowledge of best practices to help you plan and implement projects that build better, stronger, safer places for people to call home.

A Collaborative Approach

We do it with you. Consensus building and collaboration are the foundation of our approach. We understand that each client and context is unique, so we take the time to understand you, the challenges you face, and the goals of your project. We then foster meaningful change and share the tools and knowledge to keep change going to turn your vision into reality.

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